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Wait! Don't leave!

I know what you're thinking. You don't look like a Piper! This seems like a scam site for pirated books!

I can assure you this site is real, I'm real, and my stories are real as well.

I just needed a pen name because trying to find the real me on the Internet is like trying to find Where's Waldo.

My name is Brian and if I've convinced you to stay, that's awesome.

I started writing romance in 2015 after writing a private investigator mystery and realizing I'd rather write happy endings than bloody ones.

Before writing mysteries, I covered high school and collegiate sports for several different newspapers across the 33rd state of the union.

My literary fiction has appeared in journals nationwide.

When I'm not writing, I'm busy with two kids at home, a wife and muse I do not deserve, a French Bulldog with an attitude problem, and trying to travel as much as possible.

Grainy photo courtesy of an old iPhone. I swear I'll get professional headshots one day.

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