Maggie Roberts is looking to bust out of the slump her life has become after her divorce. She also wants to make up for all nights she spent alone waiting for her ex to stop cheating and come home when she could have been out having fun. 

So Maggie and her two best friends come up with The Official Maggie Roberts Rebirth Plan, a laundry list of things to accomplish before Maggie can consider settling down again.

But the plan must start with a Slump Buster: a person to sleep with, and nothing more.

And what better person than Maggie's mega-crush, Brandon Taylor, the star center fielder of Maggie's favorite baseball team, the Toros.

Will Maggie go through with The Plan? Or will a certain blue-eyed, brown-haired, baseball god ruin her best-laid plans in the best way possible?

This sweet, steamy, humorous, baseball-nerdy romantic comedy is a standalone novel.

Heat Level: 3 out of 5. (2-3 explicit scenes)

Trigger Warnings: Stupid ex-husbands and brief scene of assault.

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I only wanted one thing in life: To run a football team. 


After years of countless hours in the office, a billion cups of coffee, and a relentless dedication to my job, I've put myself in a position to become the first female general manager ever in professional sports.


And then Logan Raines shows up. With his dark features, dark hair, and arms full of tattoos, he doesn't look like your normal quarterback. But he competes with the passion and the desire our team desperately needs. That passion and desire also keep me awake at night...


Despite my feelings, I vow to be nothing but professional. Except now, I see him every day, working out, winning games, flashing that confident, clothes-shedding smile. 


I can't have both. My life won't allow it. So I have to make a choice. The love for football or the love for Logan?


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Life on tour was a grind. Train, rest, compete, train, rest...well, you get the idea. My coach, who’s also my sister, called it “down the line”. A necessary evil, she said, if I finally wanted to win.


And while it’d worked pretty well, it still wasn’t enough. I was open to anything, even talking to a shrink. My sister didn’t think it was a good idea. Affects your mind, she said. Messes with your game. She was right. And wrong, all at the same time.


When Luca Wilde walked onto my practice court, he did affect my the most amazing way possible. Drop-dead gorgeous with a pair of steely gray eyes that could see into the very depths of your soul, I fell for him instantly.


As for my messing with my game, it was the complete opposite. His ideas were hot, sexy and freeing, everything “down the line” wasn’t. I played the best tennis in my life. In Paris of all places, where my sister won three freaking times.


I went into the tournament expecting to compete, maybe finish in the top-ten. But I never thought I’d be leave having fallen in love...