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I only wanted one thing in life: To run a football team. 


After years of countless hours in the office, a billion cups of coffee, and a relentless dedication to my job, I've put myself in a position to become the first female general manager ever in professional sports.


And then Logan Raines shows up. With his dark features, dark hair, and arms full of tattoos, he doesn't look like your normal quarterback. But he competes with the passion and the desire our team desperately needs. That passion and desire also keep me awake at night...


Despite my feelings, I vow to be nothing but professional. Except now, I see him every day, working out, winning games, flashing that confident, clothes-shedding smile. 


I can't have both. My life won't allow it. So I have to make a choice. The love for football or the love for Logan?

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Down the Line

A tennis pro needs another level to her game. Enter Luca Wilde, a sports psychologist with some sexy ideas...

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Slump Buster

How many slumps do you need to bust in order to get your life back? 

(Coming in 2021!)

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Love Motion Go

A football executive falls head over heels in love with the quarterback she hired. Can they work together or will love get in the way?