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Welcome to the website of former journalist turned sports romance author, Piper Lee Burns!


There’s one thing you need to know about me: if I love you, I’m going to feed you. And I love nothing more than the tiny little community of Dorada Beach, where the warm, salty California air finishes off the plates of food to perfection inside my restaurant, Tita’s. But when Tita’s closes for several months, I’m compelled to privatize my love as a full-time personal chef to none other than Jake Shaw, the uber-famous, blue-eyed quarterback of the San Diego Pilots. Problem is, I kinda, sorta, forgot to tell him I have a job. And, well, he kinda, sorta has a girlfriend now. Oh, I also kinda, sorta find myself cooking for him for reasons that have nothing to do with being on the payroll. BUT, and believe me, this is the most embarrassing part, we kinda, sorta hooked up two years ago, as the sun rose over Vegas, without exchanging so much as our last names. Sorry, I probably should have led with that…

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Life on the tour is a grind. Train, rest, compete, train, rest...well, you get the idea. My coach, who’s also my sister, calls it “down the line”. A necessary evil, she says, if I finally want to win. And while it’s worked pretty well, it still isn’t enough. I'm open to anything to help my game, even talking to a shrink. My sister doesn't think it's a good idea. Affects your mind, she says. Messes with your game. She's right. And wrong, all at the same time. When Luca Wilde walks onto my practice court, he does affect my the most amazing way possible. Drop-dead gorgeous with a pair of steely gray eyes that could see into the very depths of your soul, I fall for him instantly. As for my messing with my game, it's the complete opposite. His ideas are hot, sexy and liberating, everything “down the line” isn’t. I go into the tournament expecting to compete, maybe finish in the top ten. Instead, I play the best tennis of my life. In Paris of all places, where my sister won three freaking times. But the last thing I expected to do was to leave having fallen in love...

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